The Heaphy Track, crosses over from the West coast to Golden Bay near the top of the South Island.  We flew down from Levin in a mates small plane, landing at Karamea airport and was on the track within two hours of leaving home. The reason for this tramp was a promise I had made to Michael.  If he passed all of his subjects for School Cert. I'd take him on a trip of his choice.

We walked the Milford Track, because my mum wanted a couple of pack horses to help her achieve something she had been wanting to do for many years.  My brother Glenn, mum and I first walked the Kepler. We made the mistake of walking it in two days, which nearly killed us.  After doing the Milford we tramped a third track the Routeburn.  Out of the three tracks the Milford was my favourite.

Mt Ngauruhoe is one of three mountains that make up the Tongariro National Park in the center of the North Island.  My son wanted to see the morning sun rise from the top of this mountain, so we decided to walk up it in the afternoon, sleep the night on top and thus see the sunset and sunrise.  It was a beautiful clear night, the sky was crystal clear, and we could see the clouds below us, as there was a full moon.

Hunting in the Tararuas is hard lacker.  The bush is thick and the country steep which gives the deer too big of an advantage with townie hunters like us.   However we enjoyed the hard walks and didn't meet another sole for four days.