Recreation:  Information on different wilderness track such as Milford and Heaphy. Also lots of scenic photos, taken when we were tramping.

Kiwi culture: Includes a short hilerious story about the rural life in New Zealand and traditional Kiwi cooking recipies. Try some of my mums recipies.

The Ballinger Family of New Zealand: The Ballinger name is famous in New Zealand for target shooting as well as manufacturing and plumbing.  Here you will find the origins of the Ballinger name, plus profiles of some Ballingers.

Sport: The Ballinger Belt.

The Innlet: When we finished tramping the Heaphy track, we stayed a week in Golden Bay at three different backpackers.  By far the most enjoyable was our four days at 'The Innlet', Collingwood.  While there we went kayaking, swimming in the sea where it was shallow and very warm, push-biked up to the spit, but best of all was the relaxing times sitting on the veranda, listening to the Tuis singing and chatting to the many vistitors.  


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