Ballinger family Tree: One Joseph Ballinger (born1822) emigrated to Melbourne, Australia from England in 1853 with his wife Elizabeth, then on to Dunedin, New Zealand in 1864.  Later they moved north to Wellington where they settled.  They had six children, Elizabeth, Joseph and Thomas were born in London, William and Arthur in Melbourne and Alice in Wellington. Most Ballingers living in NZ today, stem from Joseph.

New Zealand Ballinger Name: The origin of the Ballinger name is either German or French. This page gives some possibilities.

Jim Ballinger: Jim is a sucessful businessman. Jim started out working for his father in the plumbing bussiness, and now owns and runs a retired villiage in Paraparaumu.

Thomas Ballinger: Thomas

Ian Ballinger: Probably New Zealands best ever shooter. The only NZer to have won a medal in any target shooting event at the Olympics. Ian also had his own business, a sports shop in Christchurch. He's retired now and spends his days bowling in Kaiapoi.

Graeme Ballinger: Hi, I am the web master, which is a bugger because people wont beleive when I say how wonderful I am.

My house: I was lucky enough to win the Horowhenua Post 1945 renovation competition in 1999. On this page you will see photos of my shack.